Water Loss Control

Every single day, more than six billion gallons of expensive, treated water is simply lost. Why? Crumbling infrastructure. Leaky, aging pipes and outdated systems are wasting roughly 14 percent of America’s daily water consumption.

Water loss from failing infrastructure, faulty metering, and flat-out theft costs money, and can mean lost revenue for utilities and higher rates for water users. With increasing demand, maintenance and energy costs within the water industry are already rising. Between 1996 and 2010, the cost of water services in the US rose by nearly 90 percent.

Given this increase, it is essential that we quickly adopt effective water loss control practices. Controlling water loss is a smart investment that will ease burdens on utilities and consumers, drive innovation and economic development, protect human health, preserve water resources, and set a national standard for responsible governance and resource protection.

CNT is initiating a collaborative campaign to “Fix the Leaks” in the Great Lakes states. This initiative proposes to help utilities and states improve their water loss control practices through:

  • New research on water loss and related issues
  • Education and technical support to encourage industry best practices
  • Development of supportive policies that promote best practices, uniform disclosure, and improved planning

Program Contact
Danielle Gallet, Infrastructure Strategist + Water Supply Program Manager

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