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Shouldering the Burden of an Accumulating Crisis

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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted communities around the world. However, Latinx, Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color have been disproportionately impacted due to existing social, environmental, and economic factors that make individuals more likely to have worsened COVID-19 outcomes.  The Link between Land Use, Air, and COVID-19 Racialized land use and lending practices, such as redlining, have disproportionately located heavy industrial development near Black and... Continue reading »


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Eliminating Lead Service Lines in Hazel Crest

by CNT and Metropolitan Planning Council
January 15, 2021

Through its Great Lakes Water Infrastructure Program, CNT partnered with the Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) and the south suburban Village of Hazel to identify the probable location of lead service lines which connect a property to a utility’s water main. This effort also created a targeted replacement plan for the Village to remove all lead service lines over time, eliminating a potential public health threat. For more information about CNT’s Great Lakes Water Program and related initiatives click here.

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Black politicians launch training program for next generation

Chicago Sun Times | January 17, 2021

Black politicians and others connected to politics in Chicago are joining forces for a six-month training program for the next generation of Black leaders.

The program, called the Black Bench, will launch on Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and is co-chaired by Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White and Jacky Grimshaw, a political advisor for the late Mayor Harold Washington and the current vice president of government affairs for the Center for Neighborhood Technology.

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