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Publication Library

Location Efficiency: Neighborhood and Socio-Economic Characteristics Determine Auto Ownership and Use - Studies in Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco

John Holtzclaw, Robert Clear, Hank Dittmar, David Goldstein + Peter Haas
October, 2010

Auto ownership and mileage per car are shown to vary in a systematic and predictable fashion in response to neighborhood urban design and socio-economic characteristics in the Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco regions. In all three cases, average auto...Read more


The Role of Integrated Resource Planning in Improving Water Resource Management within the Great Lakes Region

by CNT
October, 2010

This working paper about the benefits of Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) is a part of CNT’s Great Lakes Sustainable Water Planning project.Read more


Driving: A Hard Bargain

by CNT
July, 2010

The combined cost of housing and transportation in the Chicago metropolitan region.Read more

Downloadable PDF:
PDF icon CNT_DrivingAHardBargain.pdf


Transit-Oriented Development and the Potential for VMT-related Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction

June, 2010

Transit-oriented development – a mix of residential and commercial development within walking distance of public transportation – can play a substantial part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.Read more


Integrating Valuation Methods to Recognize Green Infrastructure’s Multiple Benefits

by CNT, lead author
April, 2010

Reviews current methods, tools and case studies of valuation of the economic and social benefits produced by green infrastructure practices, particularly as they are applied in urban settings.Read more

Downloadable PDF:
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Penny Wise, Pound Fuelish: New Measures of Housing + Transportation Affordability

by CNT
March, 2010

Penny Wise, Pound Fuelish serves as a guide to CNT’s H+T Index ( ), which includes 337 U.S. metropolitan regions. The Index demonstrates that the way in which urban regions have grown in the last half century has...Read more

Downloadable PDF:
PDF icon CNT_pwpf.pdf


Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Chicago: Emissions Inventories and Reduction Strategies for Chicago and its Metropolitan Region

February, 2010

A greenhouse gas emissions inventory was conducted for Chicago and its metropolitanregion for the years 2000 and 2005. Emissions ofcarbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons, and sulfur hexafluoride totaled 34.7 millionmetric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (MMTCO2e) in Chicago...Read more


What We Learned From the Stimulus

by CNT, Smart Growth America and USPIRG
January, 2010

The latest data on stimulus spending show that funds spent on public transportation were a more effective job creator than stimulus funds spent on highways. Analysis was based on data provided by the US Congress House of Representatives Transportation and...Read more


Regional Green Building Case Study Project: A post-occupancy study of LEED projects in Illinois

by CNT
October, 2009

The Regional Green Building Case Study Project analyzes the post-occupancy performance and costs and benefits of 25 LEED projects in Illinois related to: measured energy and greenhouse gas emissions, water, commute transportation, construction and operating costs, green premium, health and...Read more


Remarks Supporting Illinois State Capital Bill

by Jacky Grimshaw, CNT
July, 2009

On July 13, 2009, CNT Vice President of Policy, Jacky Grimshaw, gave remarks at a press conference held by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. Grimshaw’s remarks were in support of the state capital bill signed by Governor Quinn.Read more