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Publication Library

Creating a Chicago Regional Building Energy Efficiency System

Mary O’Connell (ed.)
January, 2009

The Chicago area’s homes and offices must be brought up to 21st century standards for energy efficiency, both to save money and to reduce climate‐altering green house gas emissions. Federal money available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)...Read more


Sustainable Prosperity: Decreasing Household Expenses and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

by CNT, Steve Perkins, Ph.D., and Joe Grant
December, 2008

This policy paper makes the case for mandating the inclusion of expense reduction and sustainable living education into a range of federal initiatives, and concludes with recommendations to enhance pending green initiatives by linking them to financial education programming focused...Read more


Housing + Transportation Affordability In the San Antonio Metropolitan Region

by CNT
December, 2008

As San Antonio continues to grow, it has the opportunity to develop in such a way that residents can reduce the environmental impacts of travel, while also reducing household transportation costs. This report provides information on the combined housing and...Read more


Build for America: A Five-Point Plan to get our Economy Moving

by T4
October, 2008

Our economy is over a barrel, literally and figuratively. Americans are being hammered at every turn. Falling home values, rising gas prices, and Wall Street bailouts with fallout on Main Street. Hanging over it all is a sense that we...Read more

Downloadable PDF:
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Chicago’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions: An Inventory, Forecast and Mitigation Analysis for Chicago and the Metropolitan Region

by CNT
September, 2008

This research was part of a broader effort by the City of Chicago to determine the local ramifications of climate change, for its citizens and for City operations. In addition to CNT’s work on emissions and mitigation strategies, the City...Read more


Reconnecting Fort Wayne: Green Infrastructure

by CNT
August, 2008

The City of Fort Wayne has chosen to use several simultaneous challenges related to its water resources as an opportunity to explore sustainable solutions. CNT was retained to seek hidden assets in the urban neighborhoods and identify ways in which...Read more


Squandering the Stimulus: An Analysis of Household Gas Spending, Economic Stimulus Checks, and the Need for Better Transportation Options

by U.S. PIRG
June, 2008

Nothing illustrates how the lack of transportation options hurts consumers and our economy more than the fact that, since approval of the tax rebates in February, Americans on average have already spent the amount of their stimulus checks at the...Read more


Testimony on the Green Resources for Energy Efficient Neighborhoods Act of 2008

by Scott Bernstein, CNT
June, 2008

CNT President, Scott Bernstein’s, testimony on the proposed bill HR6078, the Green Resources for Energy Efficient Neighborhoods Act of 2008 (GREEN Act).Read more

Downloadable PDF:
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Reconnecting Fort Wayne: System Reliability and Energy Efficiency Benchmarking

by CNT
June, 2008

Establishing measurable goals for the City of Ft. Wayne’s energy service is a critical step towards defining a sustainable energy plan. In order to establish realistic and achievable goals, this report sought to define indicators and identify performance standards that...Read more


Reconnecting Fort Wayne: Transportation Funding

by CNT
May, 2008

Transportation is key to Fort Wayne’s future. CNT was asked by the City of Fort Wayne to analyze how and where transportation expenditures are being made and to make recommendations to move Fort Wayne toward a more sustainable and equitable...Read more