CNT Presses the Urban Agenda Forward

When I took over as CEO this fall, I reflected on the journey some of my longest-serving colleagues have been on for many years: associating responsible economic development in cities with needs for social justice, climate protection, and resilience. While support in the United States for this way of thinking has clearly ebbed and flowed in modern history, it is clear that CNT has been at the forefront of understanding infrastructure development in ways that have been quite unpopular, and often... Read the rest of this entry »

Greetings from CNT’s new CEO, Erin Grossi

The winds of change are currently transitioning Chicago from a long and gorgeous summer to a crisp and energetic fall. They are also blowing through the north side, where we at CNT are busy strategizing and prioritizing our future work, and also planning for a Cubs victory this year! Keep believing! For my part, it is an honor to be leading this effort as the organization’s new Chief Executive Officer. It is also an honor to be working alongside the very talented Scott Bernstein, who is... Read the rest of this entry »

Reflections on CNT's Vision and Impact

After 11 years as CNT’s CEO, I’m stepping down this week. It’s been a remarkable journey. In 1978, I was a recent college graduate looking for a way to reinvent cities. I was fortunate to  discover Scott Bernstein, only a few years older, who was just founding a new organization aimed at promoting neighborhood innovation and empowerment. I came on board. Remarkably, CNT’s core DNA was established at that early date and has continued to drive the organization for 38 years. To pursue... Read the rest of this entry »

Guest Blog: Moving Neighborhood Residents From Information Consumers to Change Agents

Ten years ago, there was widespread concern about the Digital Divide; people in poor neighborhoods had few PCs and little Internet access and thus couldn’t break into the mainstream economy. Today, smartphones have solved a lot of these problems: residents of low-income communities are more likely than more affluent communities to own and use smart phones as a communications vehicle where there is a lack of broadband access. But that’s just the start of what’s possible: moving from... Read the rest of this entry »

Guest Blog: Making Cities Smart for Citizens

By Richard Beckwith, Intel What is a Smart City? A city that’s smart sounds like a very good thing, much better than the alternative.  But despite the appeal, lots of people just aren’t quite clear what a Smart City actually is.  Simply put, Smart Cities enhance the efficiencies of urban systems with networked technology. Smart meters monitor electricity usage as part of a “smart grid,” which in turn enables better integration of renewable energy sources like solar. Smart... Read the rest of this entry »