Urban flooding. Leaky pipes. For too long, these issues have been too easy to ignore. Meanwhile, communities suffer from the effects of insufficient stormwater management and rapidly aging water infrastructure.

Utility bills are rising as leaky pipes waste billions and trillions of gallons of treated water. Millions of property owners face devastation, destruction, and distress from chronic flooding. Insufficient water management further degrades our rivers, lakes, and wildlife habitat. With increasingly severe weather events, these issues are expected to worsen sooner than later.

CNT is helping communities find smart, practical solutions.

Focused within the eight Great Lakes states (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin), our work is divided programmatically into water supply and stormwater management. Both areas have three main approaches:

  • Research: We gather data and document issues related to water loss control while also bringing to light the extensive societal costs of urban flooding.
  • Solutions: Through our pilot projects and tools, we test innovative strategies informed by our research. Our solutions provide effective, repicable blueprints for water management and services.
  • Advocacy: Focusing on the policy issues of water loss, urban flooding, and green infrastructure, we propose legislation and build alliances to promote more efficient and sustainable policies and practices.

Our aim is to promote pragmatic changes in the way we manage water as a resource, changes that are good for residents, good for business, and good for the environment.

Water Program Director
Harriet Festing

“Smart Water for Smart Regions” fact sheet (.pdf)
“People, Water, and the Great Lakes: Ready for Change?” report (.pdf)
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CNT’s Water program is supported by the Joyce Foundation, Surdna Foundation, Grand Victoria Foundation, Prince Charitable Trusts, and State Farm.

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