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February 21, 2019

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Wilmette, February 21, 2019)

Residents interested in making their yards eco-friendly can benefit from a new program being offered by the Village and qualify for a grant to pay for half the cost of the sustainable landscaping. The Village is pleased to announce the new program, RainReady Wilmette, which aims to reduce the amount of rain that enters the Village’s sewers, improve yard drainage at homes, and benefit the environment by using less resources like water and energy.

Each participating homeowner will receive a free assessment of their yard, a customized landscape design, and a grant of up to 50 percent of the cost of sustainable landscaping. The maximum grant amount is $1,300. Participating homeowners can select the landscaper of their choice to perform the work.

Eligible types of landscaping improvements for a grant include rain gardens and bioswales, which use porous soil... Read the rest of this Press Release »

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New Chicago Task Force Report Has Guidelines for Shared Mobility and AV Policy

Streetsblog Chicago | March 15, 2019

Many Chicagoans would argue that Rahm Emanuel has been pushing hard for the approval of some dubious projects before leaving office, including the $6 billion Lincoln Yards development, the $95 million West Side police and fire academy, and Elon Musk’s (supposedly) $1 billion O’Hare Express scheme. But Emanuel did a solid for the next administration by being proactive about policy challenges that will likely arise in a future where shared mobility and autonomous vehicle technology become increasing dominant forces in society. In September, the mayor announced the creation of a new transportation and mobility task force headed by Ray LaHood, Barack Obama’s former U.S. Department of Transportation secretary.  CNT's Jacky Grimshaw and CNT Board member Stefan Gspurning are a part of this task force, which seeks to set the city on the right path towards seriously analyzing shared-mobility and autonomous vehicle issues that promise to become critical in the coming years.