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August 16, 2017

This month Chicago will have visitors from a cohort of Australian public works professionals stopping by the city before heading onto the American Public Works Association 2017 Congress, the annual conference for members of the public works industry. The group of Australian professionals will participate in a series of tours throughout the city visiting government agencies, public works and non-profits to garner an understanding of Public Works in the Chicago region.

Included in their tour throughout Chicagoland will be a meeting with Midlothian community leaders and staff and CNT staff members for a presentation and discussion of the community’s initiative to implement the RainReady Midlothian Plan, published by CNT. 

CNT’s presentation will include an overview of the ... Read the rest of this Press Release »

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One of the first things you might do when thinking about moving (or actually moving) to a new place is get a rough estimate of how much it costs to live there.

Any number of cost-of-living calculators might help you find that out, considering how far your current salary might go, or even comparing the costs of groceries. But if you want to project a little farther into the future, try taking a look at the Economic Policy Institute's (EPI) budget fact sheets and family budget calculator. This year, EPI partnered with the CNT to come up with figures for Americans' transportation costs. EPI says the nonprofit helped them come up with a more comprehensive look at this expense, which has nuances that drivers and underground dwellers alike can overlook.

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