Interactive Tools

We develop research tools to help planners, developers, and community leaders make smart, data-driven decisions.


AllTransit is the largest source of transit connectivity, access, and frequency data in America. It offers tremendous potential for planning applications to increase our understanding of the value of transit, as well as to enhance service and operations planning.


eTOD Social Impact Calculator

Discover the social and economic impacts of your affordable housing development and the benefits of locating it near transit.


Housing + Transportation Affordability Index

The Housing and Transportation (H+T®) Affordability Index provides a comprehensive view of affordability that includes both the cost of housing and the cost of transportation at the neighborhood level.


My RainReady Home Assessment Tool

Is your home ready for increased storm events in a time of climate change? My RainReady helps you discover what issues you may have, and how you can address them.


Park Right DC

Client: District Department of Transportation

The Park Right DC calculator helps community members, developers, zoning bodies, planners, and other stakeholders better understand parking utilization in multi-family residential buildings in the District of Columbia.


Right Size Parking Calculator

Client: King County, Washington

The King County Right Size Parking Calculator provides estimated parking/unit ratios for multi-family developments throughout urban areas of Seattle’s county.


GreenTRIP Connect

Client: TransForm

GreenTRIP Connect is a California statewide tool that allows users to evaluate a prospective housing development’s potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to driving.


GreenTRIP Parking Database

Client: TransForm

The GreenTRIP Parking Database helps planners and developers in the San Francisco Bay Area quantify parking usage and the costs of unused parking spaces.


Location Affordability Index

Client: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and Department of Transportation

In 2013, HUD and DOT announced the launch of the Location Affordability Index, a web-based tool that estimates the cost of housing and transportation based on location.



Client: U.S. Forest Service

STEW-MAP is a research project mapping organizations doing environmental stewardship work in the four-state Chicago Wilderness region.


TOD Database

The National Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Database is a tool that provides economic and demographic information for every existing and proposed fixed guideway transit station in the U.S.


Total Driving Costs

Gas costs are only a fraction of total driving costs. The majority of costs are due to owning and maintaining cars.


Green Values Stormwater Toolbox

The Green Values Stormwater Toolbox helps people evaluate the long-term costs and effectiveness of green infrastructure approaches.