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Brutal Cold Rough on Local Water Mains

Dayton Daily News

Below-zero temperatures expected Saturday will rise into the 30s on Sunday – a relief for many local residents, but a potential problem for those responsible for local water lines.

Public works officials say more water mains could break, increasing the toll taken on aging water systems.

“Dramatic swings in temperature from below to above freezing can cause problems with our buried infrastructure,” said Brianna Wooten, Montgomery County, OH Environmental Services communications coordinator.

Nationally, water mains rupture 240,000 times a year. The breaks along with faulty valves waste about 2.1 trillion gallons of treated drinking water a year, according to the Center for Neighborhood Technology. The loss equates to wasting roughly 14 percent of the already-treated water Americans use every day.




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No Longer Too Cheap to Meter: Water Infrastructure, Equity, and Affordability

The cost of living has been rising across the U.S. even as incomes stagnate. While increases in big ticket items like housing and health insurance make the news, growing water bills have gained less attention. Water was relatively inexpensive for so long that many communities only began to meter usage in recent years. But costs are on the rise and without some proactive solutions the situation is only going to get worse. In municipalities with growing populations or service areas,... Continue reading »


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RainReady Calumet Park

March 10, 2017

The RainReady Calumet Corridor Plan represents the collective vision of over 2,100 residents, business owners, and municipal staff, elected representatives, regional leaders, and non-governmental organizations that all share interest in strengthening the homes, neighborhoods, communities throughout the Calumet Corridor in the south suburbs of Chicago. This document focuses on the Village of Calumet Park, Illinois.

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