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New Chicago Task Force Report Has Guidelines for Shared Mobility and AV Policy

Streetsblog Chicago | March 15, 2019

Many Chicagoans would argue that Rahm Emanuel has been pushing hard for the approval of some dubious projects before leaving office, including the $6 billion Lincoln Yards development, the $95 million West Side police and fire academy, and Elon Musk’s (supposedly) $1 billion O’Hare Express scheme. But Emanuel did a solid for the next administration by being proactive about policy challenges that will likely arise in a future where shared mobility and autonomous vehicle technology become increasing dominant forces in society. In September, the mayor announced the creation of a new transportation and mobility task force headed by Ray LaHood, Barack Obama’s former U.S. Department of Transportation secretary.  CNT's Jacky Grimshaw and CNT Board member Stefan Gspurning are a part of this task force, which seeks to set the city on the right path towards seriously analyzing shared-mobility and autonomous vehicle issues that promise to become critical in the coming years.

Buffalo, NY: A Rust Belt City’s new approach to tackling lead in drinking water

  Buffalo’s aging infrastructure poses a lead problem. But a one-stop-shop model could unite previously siloed agencies toward a solution. Like many old industrial cities in the Great Lakes region, Buffalo, New York—located on the shores of Lake Erie—has a lead poisoning problem. Children in Erie County, many living within the City of Buffalo’s limits, test positive for lead poisoning at rates much higher than New York State average. Given Buffalo’s old housing stock—the city has... Continue reading »


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RainReady Robbins

March 10, 2017

The RainReady Calumet Corridor Plan represents the collective vision of over 2,100 residents, business owners, and municipal staff, elected representatives, regional leaders, and non-governmental organizations that all share interest in strengthening the homes, neighborhoods, communities throughout the Calumet Corridor in the south suburbs of Chicago. This document focuses on the Village of Robbins, Illinois.

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