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The Case for More Operations Funding for Transit

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill has been passed by the Senate. That’s an excellent start in addressing our long-neglected physical infrastructure. And now the bill goes back to the House of Representatives for concurrence. In the regular order of business, the House would negotiate and then concur with amendments made in the Senate. But this bipartisan deal did not follow the normal process, essentially negating the ability of House members to negotiate. This is... Continue reading »


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Equity in Practice

by TransitCenter and CNT
September 22, 2021

Equity in Practice: A guidebook for transit agencies, co-written by TransitCenter and CNT, details our research into how the public transit industry defines, operationalizes, and evaluates equity. We assessed industry practices that forefront equity in leadership and strategy, community engagement, and evaluation/measurement.

Some very high-level actions items for transit agencies are to:

  • Develop an equity strategy that defines a vision of equity and that guides new priorities to achieve that goal.
  • Prioritize equity across organizational processes, policies, and culture: in agency leadership, structure, hiring & retention, budgeting, and workplace culture.
  • Conduct collaborative, responsive, iterative, and transparent outreach; hire CBOs to support.
  • Evaluate equity in decision-making with multiple metrics, including with qualitative data. 
  • Demand more effective equity regulations and evaluations.

CNT and TransitCenter are now putting these findings into practice by working directly two transit agencies, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and Los Angeles Metro (LA Metro), to advance their equity goals. More on these projects will be shared as they advance.

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Fish, birds and flooded basements stand to benefit from marsh restoration at Powderhorn Lake near the Indiana border

Chicago Tribune | September 16, 2021

data report released this year by the Alliance for the Great Lakes, along with partners such as the Metropolitan Planning Council and Center for Neighborhood Technology, found the majority Latino and Black residents who live in the Calumet Industrial Corridor — bordering Powderhorn Lake — disproportionately experience adverse health outcomes.

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