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Statement From CNT on Equity and Systemic Racism

Black lives matter. Structural racism has enabled law enforcement to use incarceration and lethal violence upon Black men, women, and children, over-and-over, for centuries. These are people with names and families and stories. The current protests give voice to the suffering and righteous anger of Black communities across the nation. We humbly stand in solidarity and allyship with this movement. We will continue our internal journey of pursuing racial equity and justice through our work as... Continue reading »


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Increasing Funding and Financing Options for Sustainable Stormwater Management

by CNT
May 4, 2020

Our country’s water infrastructure needs investment. However, funding and financing sources are growing increasingly competitive and communities are finding it difficult to secure adequate resources to make needed investments in their systems. In this report, CNT identifies innovative funding and financing mechanisms to support communities working to upgrade their infrastructure. We look to the energy and transportation sectors for funding and financing applications, take a closer look at the ways our state revolving loan funds can be better utilized, and explore how public dollars can be invested on private property to achieve distributed impacts and benefits.

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Chicago transportation advocates seek equitable route forward for public transit

Energy News Network | May 21, 2020

With ridership plummeting amid the coronavirus pandemic, a Chicago coalition is pushing agencies to reconsider service changes. 

As Chicago’s transit agencies attempt to determine a path forward after the coronavirus pandemic, advocates have begun working to ensure system cuts don’t further exacerbate the city’s racial and disabled population inequities.

Concerns include ensuring essential workers still have access to their jobs and continuing progress on reducing emissions.

On April 1, the Active Transportation Alliance, along with other transportation and equity advocacy organizations, submitted an open letter to the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Pace and Metra, the four main transit agencies serving Chicago and its suburbs. 

The letter was read into the record during the public comment at the April 16 RTA Board of Directors meeting, which was held virtually. RTA Chair Kirk Dillard expressed appreciation for the comprehensive content of the letter, according to Kyle Whitehead, managing director of public affairs for the Active Transportation Alliance.

Members of the coalition behind the open letter met on May 5 with RTA Executive Director Leanne Redden. At the meeting, Redden provided additional background on issues discussed in the letter and pledged to remain receptive to input from the coalition and other stakeholders, according to Whitehead.

“We remain in touch with RTA, CTA, Metra and Pace about the recommendations in the letter,” Whitehead said.

The four-page letter calls for transparency and community engagement in shaping routes, funding and other essential aspects of transit, in addition to emphasizing equity and reducing service disparities going forward. Several of the main proposals include: 

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