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Metropolitan Water Reclamation District candidates sound off on strategies to handle storms

South Side Weekly | March 16, 2020

Flooded basements and roads in Chicago are rarely the result of swollen rivers or overbank flooding from Lake Michigan. The culprit, instead, is rainwater. Overdevelopment and a lack of green space in Chicago have left parts of the city unequipped to handle even relatively minor storms. When forests are replaced with asphalt, rainwater cannot be naturally absorbed into the ground, and the city’s aging sewer infrastructure has proven to be inadequate at handling increasingly common rainstorms. But this flooding is often left out of the conversation about how climate change will impact Chicago...Read more

The City Slapped A Native Plant Gardener With A $600 Fine, But He Fought Back — And Won

Block Club Chicago | March 9, 2020

The city claimed the family's Irving Park yard was filled with weeds and rodents. But that was not the case, a judge ruled. IRVING PARK — Only one gardener has ever fought Chicago and won. Chicago is notorious for fining urban gardeners hundreds of dollars for having “weeds” in their yards — even when those weeds are actually insect and environmentally friendly native plants. And though gardeners can try to fight the fines, Irving Park’s Pete Czosnyka is the first to win such a battle. A retired civil engineer, Czosnyka bought native plants through Chicago’s now-defunct Department of...Read more

How housing cost relates to job commute into and out of Dexter

The Sun Times News | February 27, 2020

Dexter’s Housing Task Force recently completed its year-long study of housing costs in the City. The report had surprises as well as confirmations of what a lot of people intuitively know. The Task Force clarifies ‘Affordable Housing’ as housing that costs less than 30% of a household’s gross annual income. If housing costs (rent or mortgage, utilities, taxes) exceed 30%, it is considered a cost burden. Households facing this burden are challenged to afford food, transportation, child care, education, medical costs, and other needs. The report also took a look at the area’s affordability by...Read more

Study: The Most Socially Conscious Cities in the U.S.

The Motley Fool | February 24, 2020

How socially conscious is your city? What does "socially conscious" even mean? It’s more than just a euphemism for having left-leaning political views (sorry, Urban Dictionary). "Social consciousness asks us to recognize the inherent connection between us all," Kirsten Helgeson, founder and CEO of Just A Girl , a company that drives mental health and women’s empowerment efforts, told The Ascent. This awareness -- at individual and institutional levels -- helps account for the needs of a city's residents. That's what it means to live in a community. Without it, people are isolated and more...Read more

Why not both? South Red project would compliment, not compete with, rapid Metra service

Streetsblog Chicago | February 17, 2020

There’s a valid argument to be made that, given the current political and transit funding environment, it’s not realistic to simultaneously advocate for extending the CTA Red Line south to 130th Street, as well as making upgrades to existing South Side Metra lines to provide rapid-transit service that’s integrated with the ‘L’. For example, Streetsblog Chicago cofounder Steven Vance said he is opposed to the $2.3 billion Red Line extension and would prefer to spend less money than that to beef up South Side Metra and bus service. But in the case of last week’s commentary in the Chicago...Read more