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by Jacky Grimshaw, CNT

On July 13, 2009, CNT Vice President of Policy, Jacky Grimshaw, gave remarks at a press conference held by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. Grimshaw’s remarks were in support of the state capital bill signed by Governor Quinn.Read more

by CNT

The South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association (SSMMA) is working to build transit oriented development (TOD) at the most intense level consistent with local community desires and market conditions throughout the south suburbs. To support SSMMA’s initiative, CNT conducted a...Read more

by Urban Land Institute, Center for Housing Policy, CNT

This report provides a comprehensive examination of the cost of place in the Washington, DC, region, presenting a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction look at the combined housing and transportation cost burdens for households in the metropolitan area. Drawing on the latest research and...Read more

Peter Haas, Carrie Makarewicz, Albert Benedict, and Scott Bernstein

Since information on U. S. household expenditures was first collected, transport expenditures have risen from the sixth-highest share of household budgets, less than 2%, in 1917 to the second-highest share since the 1970s. This rise is linked to increased automobile...Read more

by CNT

As San Antonio continues to grow, it has the opportunity to develop in such a way that residents can reduce the environmental impacts of travel, while also reducing household transportation costs. This report provides information on the combined housing and...Read more

by T4

Our economy is over a barrel, literally and figuratively. Americans are being hammered at every turn. Falling home values, rising gas prices, and Wall Street bailouts with fallout on Main Street. Hanging over it all is a sense that we...Read more

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by U.S. PIRG

Nothing illustrates how the lack of transportation options hurts consumers and our economy more than the fact that, since approval of the tax rebates in February, Americans on average have already spent the amount of their stimulus checks at the...Read more

by CNT

Transportation is key to Fort Wayne’s future. CNT was asked by the City of Fort Wayne to analyze how and where transportation expenditures are being made and to make recommendations to move Fort Wayne toward a more sustainable and equitable...Read more

by CNT

Local governments manage their growth and boundaries by very distinct land use controls determining both where and how they grow. The most common tools used by municipalities are comprehensive plans, zoning ordinances, subdivision ordinances, and building and sanitation codes.Read more

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by CNT

Our twenty-five-year projection of the economic impacts of existing and expanded rail service helped convince Maine’s legislature to allocate $10 million in annual operating subsidies and $35 million in capital improvements to extend service to Brunswick. Those funds were later...Read more