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Cargo-Oriented Development Gives TOD New Meaning in Older Communities

by Annette Stahelin and David Chandler
November, 2007

Among the many benefits of smart growth initiatives, building off a community’s underutilized transit and freight assets is a development strategy that can offer a rich combination of paybacks: business and job growth, viable local small businesses, cost savings for...Read more


Reconnecting Fort Wayne: Building a Sustainable Future on an Innovative Past

by CNT
June, 2007

Fort Wayne today faces many challenges: how to gain and retain new jobs in a changing global economy; how to make the most efficient use of limited natural resources; how to build a prosperous city for all residents in a...Read more

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The Wangari Maathai Natural Garden at the Al Raby School For Community + Environment

by CNT
June, 2007

CNT and a new addition to the Chicago Public School system, Al Raby High School, are transforming the school’s physical environment into the optimal environmental leadership learning environment with the installation of a native woodland garden.Read more

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School Safety Busing: Serious Safety Hazards in Cook County, 1980-2006

by CNT
January, 2007

Since 1980, as part of the School Safety Busing program, school boards across Illinois have been documenting Serious Safety Hazard Findings and submitting them to their IDOT district office for approval. Thousands of forms were submitted in the last two-and-a-half...Read more

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Preserving and Promoting Diverse Transit-Oriented Neighborhoods

A collaboration of the Center for Neighborhood Technology, Reconnecting America, and Strategic Economics
December, 2006

This report, researched and written by staff at the Center for Neighborhood Technology, Reconnecting America, and Strategic Economics — working together as the Center for TransitOriented Development — makes a substantial new contribution to our knowledge base regarding mixed-income, mixed-race...Read more


Community Wireless Networks: Cutting Edge Technology for Internet Access

by CNT
November, 2006

A report on the Center for Neighborhood Technology’s project to bring community wireless access to three Illinois communities.Read more


Changing Direction: Transportation Choices for 2030

September, 2002

The general public has been excluded for too long from transportation decisions in Northeastern Illinois. Given the opportunity, the citizenry would fundamentally reform transportation planning to accomplish broader regional goals. The overall vision the public prefers would provide more transportation...Read more

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One Creation, One People, One Place: A Statement of the Interreligious Sustainability Project of Metropolitan Chicago

July, 1998

This project is a collaboration between members of diverse religious traditions to build a faith-based interreligious vision for a sustainable Chicago metropolian region. "One Creation, One People, One Place" is intended to spark discussion and debate within the 3,700 religious...Read more

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Using The Hidden Assets of America’s Communities and Regions to Ensure Sustainable Communities

Scott Bernstein
April, 1997

Is the continued migration of city dwellers to the suburbs an indicator of the low value ascribed to America’s cities? If so, that negative judgment is endorsed by score-keeping, ranging from the Census to the daily economic reports and news,...Read more

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Staying in the Game: Exploring Options for Urban Sustainability

Scott Bernstein, Julia Parzen, John Cleveland, Robert Friedman, Carolyn Hunsaker
June, 1996

“As part of a living system, we want to learn to succeed at being human.”

What is the purpose of this material? This material is intended as a resource to support the development of local and national...Read more