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Lakeview Transit-Oriented Development: Housing + Transportation Trends

CNT + Lakeview Chamber of Commerce
April, 2015

We collaborated with the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce on a report supporting greater transit-oriented development (TOD) activity in the Lakeview neighborhood. The paper found the number of households in the neighborhood on the decline, despite millions of dollars in development...Read more


New Orleans-Baton Rouge: Capturing the Value of the Economic Boom and the Freight that Supports It

by CNT
January, 2015

Since Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans-Baton Rouge super region has been working to secure lasting economic recovery. This report offers recommendations for using cargo- and transit-oriented development to help Southeast Louisiana capture community value from its largely underutilized rail system....Read more

Downloadable PDF:
PDF icon CNT_BatonRougeNOLA.pdf


A RainReady Nation: Protecting American Homes and Businesses in a Changing Climate

by CNT
January, 2015

As storms become increasingly destructive, homes and businesses face a heightened risk of urban flooding, even when they aren’t located in formally designated floodplains. CNT’s RainReady program offers innovative, cost-effective solutions to keep properties dry and help communities stay resilient...Read more

Downloadable PDF:
PDF icon CNT_RainReadyNation.pdf


Quality of Life, (e)Quality of Place

by CNT and Open Communities
January, 2015

Rail transit anchors downtowns and neighborhoods in communities throughout Chicago’s northern suburbs and across the region, but many of these communities are falling behind in creating mixed-income transit-oriented development. This guidebook offers case studies, policy recommendations, and public participation tools...Read more


An Assessment of Water Loss Among Lake Michigan Permittees in Illinois

by Chicago Metropolian Agency for Planning (CMAP) and CNT
October, 2014

In 2012, over 22 billion gallons of Lake Michigan water, worth between an estimated $64 million and $147 million, were lost to leaky, aging infrastructure. CNT and CMAP studied the water loss control techniques used by Lake Michigan water suppliers...Read more


Transit Deserts in Cook County

by CNT
July, 2014

The Chicago region's hub-and-spoke transit system leaves many people stranded in the gaps. About 10% of Cook County's residents live in transit deserts, leaving them with restricted mobility and limited access to all of the region's jobs and amenities.Read more


The Economic Benefits of Green Infrastructure: A Case Study of Lancaster, PA

March, 2014

The Economic Benefits of Green Infrastructure: A Case Study of Lancaster, PA offers real world evidence that green infrastructure (such as rain gardens, permeable pavement, and bioinfiltration installations) can be an effective, sustainable and budget-friendly approach to help manage stormwater...Read more


Stepping Up Water Loss Control: Lessons from the State of Georgia

by CNT
February, 2014

Like every other state, Georgia’s underground system of pipes is aging. But Georgia has become a leader in the national push for improved water loss control. The success of Georgia’s program provides an effective blueprint for other states and agencies...Read more


The Carsharing-Transit Card: Is It Good for Public Transportation?

Greg Newmark, Melissa Schramm
January, 2014

The proliferation of new shared-ride transportation services provides a unique opportunity for transit agencies to reach new markets. Unfortunately, many transit agencies are wary of partnering with private companies. To address these concerns, this research analyzes the usage data from...Read more


HOT for Transit? Transit’s Experience of High-Occupancy Toll Lanes

Greg Newmark
January, 2014

As more and more regions seek to implement high-occupancy toll or HOT lanes, more and more transit agencies seek knowledge to take advantage of this new infrastructure opportunity. Unfortunately, as is often the case with the rapid diffusion of a...Read more

Downloadable PDF:
PDF icon 2014-JPT-HOT-for-Transit.pdf