Celebrating 40 Years of Impact

Last week, CNT celebrated our 40th Anniversary with help from 250 of our closest friends. Thanks to everyone who came or contributed!

Our opening reception highlighted 40 years of CNT’s accomplishments and innovations. From early work launching energy efficiency programs, to tracking indicators to predict neighborhood change, to creating greener practices at dry cleaners, our ideas and projects have been influential in moving cities toward sustainability and equity.

A central part of the event was a celebration of the contributions of Scott Bernstein, CNT’s co-founder. We collected videos from many of Scott’s partners over the years to pay tribute to his ideas and influence. A compiled video, along with Senator Durbin’s tribute to CNT and Scott, are available here.

The event also looked forward to the next 40 years of impact. I introduced our current work – on climate, water, transportation, and equitable development – which contains echoes of our past accomplishments, reshaped to address today’s challenges. The program was capped by a panel discussion with representatives of Mayor Lightfoot’s new administration, who discussed how the City will be advancing its equity and environmental priorities. As was stressed by members of the panel, CNT knows that equity isn’t simply an outcome—it needs to be embedded in all efforts, intentionally placed within the foundation of our work. 

Our wonderful panel: Chicago's Chief Equity Officer Candace Moore, Chief of Policy Dan Lurie, CNT’s Jacky Grimshaw, Chief Engagement Officer Juan Carlos Linares, me, and Housing Commissioner Marisa Novara

Thanks to our sponsors listed below, without whose help the event would not have been possible. And thanks to all who could attend to show their support for CNT!


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