Stories of Flooding from Across the Nation

Flooding is the most expensive "natural" disaster faced by homeowners across America. Flooding costs communities billions of dollars every year according to damage payouts by insurance companies. Much of the damage can be avoided by smarter, greener infrastructure in our built environments. Read stories of real flood victims below:

“It's awful to wade through feces in your own home.  My home was essentially destroyed during Hurricane Sandy, just the biggest storm to come surging through my sewer, and my doors in this case. We have been displaced for three years, my children are growing up without a stable home. the sewer problem is only a small part of that, but it's a part of the total problem we face living on the edge of Brooklyn tied to a decrepit and overburdened system.”

Tim, NYC

“A sewage manhole popped during the storm event and overflowed into our backyard and into our basement through our basement drains. Our yard is regularly inundated with storm water as there is a large catch basin located in the alley behind our home. The catch basin is not located at the low point of the alley, so a significant amount of storm water backs up into our yard. We are concerned about being able to have a garden or have children play in our yard considering the high pollution level of the first flush of stormwater, as well as the risk of sewage backing up from the nearby sewage main.”

Seth, Pittsburg

“Rainwater pools up in our back yard and cannot drain fast enough when it rains hard.  The street nearby becomes  flooded to the point of being waist deep.  Cars have been damaged and 4 new houses under construction were flooded to the point of having to replace the drywall in the entire first floor up to several feet.”

Jill, Fort Worth

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